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Suggested Criteria for Selecting Speakers

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List of Previous Speakers and Topics

–Fr John Staudenmeier SJ
–Bishop Neal Buckon “God and National Defense”
–Rev Eddie Siebert SJ “Filming God in High Definition”
–Rev Joe Daoust SJ “A View From Jesuit Rome”
–Dr. Jack DeGioia, “Engaging the Frontiers: Jesuit Higher Education in 21st Century”
–Christopher M Connor, Chair & CEO of The Sherwin Williams Co. “St. Ignatius the CEO”
–Mary Ann Corrigan­Davis “Catholic Education: The Survival of the Fittest”
–Fr Greg Boyle SJ “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job”
–Fr Charles Currie SJ “Where is Jesuit Higher Education Going in a Globalizing World?”
–Bishop George Murry SJ “The Era of Jesuit Suppression (1773-1814) Lessons for Today.”
–Fr Robert Niehoff SJ “Men and Women for Others Making a Difference in Today’s   Economy”
–Rev Myles Sheehan SJ MD “It’s OK to Die Even If You Are Catholic”
–Coach Chuck Kyle “Champions for Gridiron, Shakespeare & Jesuits”
–Fr John Foley SJ “A Modern Day Jesuit Phenomenon”
–Fr Otto Hentz SJ “Faith & Morals; A Political Perspective”
–Fr Timothy Kesicki SJ “Ignatius of Loyola; Trials, Tribulation and Leadership”
–Fr Kevin Flannery SJ “Jesuit and Rome; 467 Years (‘A’ or ‘The’ Mission)
–Chris Lowney “What 16th Century Jesuits Can Teach 21st Century Leaders”
–Bill Whitaker, “Ignatian leadership by lay alumni and friends of Jesuit institutions”
–Fr. Pat Conroy, S.J. “Discernment & Chaplaancy in the U.S. House of Representatives”
–Dr. John Borelli, “Interreligious Initiatives at Georgetown University”
–Richard Kelly, “Status of Jesuit Refugee Services/USA”
Father Joseph E. Lingan, S.J., “Jesuit Spirituality in everyday life”
–Mary Tracy “The Jesuit Collaborative and Contemplative Leaders in Action”