Suggested Speakers

Suggested Criteria for Selecting Speakers

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List of Previous Speakers and Topics

  • Fr John Staudenmeier SJ
  • Bishop Neal Buckon: God and National Defense
  • Rev Eddie Siebert SJ: Filming God in High Definition
  • Rev Joe Daoust SJ: A View From Jesuit Rome
  • Dr. Jack DeGioia: Engaging the Frontiers: Jesuit Higher Education in 21st Century
  • Christopher M Connor, Chair & CEO of The Sherwin Williams Co. “St. Ignatius the CEO”
  • Mary Ann Corrigan­Davis “Catholic Education: The Survival of the Fittest”
  • Fr Greg Boyle SJ “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job”
  • Fr Charles Currie SJ “Where is Jesuit Higher Education Going in a Globalizing World?”
  • Bishop George Murry SJ “The Era of Jesuit Suppression (1773-1814) Lessons for Today.”
  • Fr Robert Niehoff SJ “Men and Women for Others Making a Difference in Today’s   Economy”
  • Rev Myles Sheehan SJ MD “It’s OK to Die Even If You Are Catholic”
  • Coach Chuck Kyle “Champions for Gridiron, Shakespeare & Jesuits”
  • Fr John Foley SJ “A Modern Day Jesuit Phenomenon”
  • Fr Otto Hentz SJ “Faith & Morals; A Political Perspective”
  • Fr Timothy Kesicki SJ “Ignatius of Loyola; Trials, Tribulation and Leadership”
  • Fr Kevin Flannery SJ “Jesuit and Rome; 467 Years (‘A’ or ‘The’ Mission)
  • Chris Lowney “What 16th Century Jesuits Can Teach 21st Century Leaders”
  • Bill Whitaker, “Ignatian leadership by lay alumni and friends of Jesuit institutions”
  • Fr. Pat Conroy, S.J. “Discernment & Chaplaancy in the U.S. House of Representatives”
  • Dr. John Borelli, “Interreligious Initiatives at Georgetown University”
  • Richard Kelly, “Status of Jesuit Refugee Services/USA”
  • Father Joseph E. Lingan, S.J., “Jesuit Spirituality in everyday life”
  • Mary Tracy “The Jesuit Collaborative and Contemplative Leaders in Action”